Why Someone should start Martial Arts…
Martial arts combine the racing part and the traditional part, but furthermore and most important the self-defense mechanism.
In adults they offer relief, wellness and are considered an excellent asset in life.
In youngers they combine simple exercises with plenty of balance games, numerous skills and self defense activities. The aim is to understand the physical opportunities, the development of self-control and discipline within the team and improve concentration skills.
Through exercise and games occurs psychosomatic calm, spiritual formation and emotional stability.
Martial Arts
Martial arts exercise the entire body mobilizing many joints and large muscle groups, improves balance and flexibility, reflexes, neuromuscular assembly and cardiorespiratory system.
They contribute to a comprehensive body exercise as They…
Help in weight loss: Like other forms of exercise, we “burn” calories, muscles toned and built so there is a gradual weight loss.
Relieve stress: They can be used as a relief technique, and release the hormone endorphin, which makes us feel well, relieves pain and helps reduce depression.
Improve posture: Martial arts help to “build” your core muscles, those in the abdomen and lower back. The trunk muscles respond better to the exercises require minimal load and prolonged tension.
Improve our coordination: If you can not “tune” easily (nerve impulses from the brain to the movement of body parts) and have limited reflexes in your posture, then the martial arts can be the solution.
Improve endurance and strengthen heart: The movements included in martial arts, help the heart to pump blood faster and thus strengthen while your resistance will start to increase.
Improve balance: A good balance will help to anticipate problems in our stability in the future, but also in the prevention of bone fractures.
Finally and most important for our times…
They function as a mechanism of self-defense!!!
They function as a mechanism of self-defense!!!