Nikos Giannakis
Nikos Giannakis was born in Athens in 1970.

His Dealing with martial arts began in 1984, to pass very quickly in 1986 to OKINAWA KARATE. His teacher and mentor, soke Bill Zachopoulos, transferred to him the love and passion of martial arts.

Therefore, up to 1998 he has reached the rank of 3rd dan in OKINAWA KARATE, while he teaches in the A.C. Paianias OKINAWA & KICK BOXING.

In 2005 he makes his first contact with KYOKUSHIN KARATE, the one that gains him up to day.

Naturally anxious Spirit , always willing to learn, does not stop the search, resulting of which his participation in numerous seminars and training schools and coaching. Indicatively:
– Black Belt 3rd dan in OKINAWA KARATE
– Black belt 4th dan in KYOKUSHIN KARATE
– Black belt 2nd dan in JU JITSU
– Black belt 1st dan in KARATE (ELOK)
– Black belt 1st dan in SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM (EFEOZZ)
– Black belt 1st dan in TAEKWONDO
– Black belt 1st dan in HAPKIDO
– 3rd Kyu in NINJUTSU
– Participation in seminars between 1994 and today: 38
– Participation in tournaments since 1989: 12

Furthermore he owns an instructor certificate in KICK BOXING, an instructor certificate in JU JITSU and an instructor certificate in FIGHT BO. Moreover since 2013 he teaches JU JITSU at the German School of Athens.

The highlight however of his up to this point , career , comes in 2014, when he participates in the School of Coaches of Pangration, from where he gets his official certificate and diploma, recognized by the GSA. This unlocks to him new horizons and perspectives.

That same year begins his collaboration with shihan Costas Gallios, sensei Athanasios Kapnas and sensei Athanasios Tziras, as being a member of INTERNATIONAL KYOKUSHINKAI BUDOKAN GROUP.

Today owns his own dojo in Athens, Agia Paraskevi, where he teaches Kyokushin and Pankration.

For someone to deal with martial arts absolute dedication is required and has no hesitation to what each is assigned. He needs to fight and take initiatives in all situations every time , protecting oneself from actions stemming from selfish animosity or thoughtlessness.

Kyoku = absolute Shin = Truth Reality Kai = to unite, cooperate